About us

We are an Icelandic-German family and love to share our passion for Iceland and its wonderful horses with our guests. That's why we run our horse farm with love, soul and ambition.

The family

Sveinn Guðmundsson was born and grew up at Lýtingsstaðir. An ambitious long-time horse breeder, and a true sheep expert. Long experience of equine tourism as a business. Takes care of breeding, feeding and farm management.

Evelyn Ýr was born and grew up in Germany. Happily at home at Lýtingsstaðir since 1995. M.A. in cultural science, loves horses and riding and is a passionate host. Many years of experience in tourism as a business. Qualified tourist guide and sessional University teacher. Takes care of marketing, sale, and organization.


Júlíus Guðni, born 2003 and grown up at Lýtingsstaðir. Takes care of all technical matters including the audio guide and technical support. Developer and admin of the Lýtingsstaðir network. Besides that he loves animals and to ride fast and speaks three languages fluently.

Helping Hands

Many helping hands are needed on a farm like ours, especially during the summer season. Every year young women come to assist us on the farm, with horses and guests.
Would you like to join the team? Drop us a line to ask for more information!

The farm

Lýtingsstaðir is a horse breeding farm, located in Skagafjörður/North Iceland, which is also called “the cradle of the Icelandic horse”. The farm is close to the prominent mountain Mælifellshnjúkur on the road 752. The farm has an interesting history which dates back to the Age of the Settlement. Our farm has been open to tourists since the year 2000.


Varmahlíð - 20 km
Akureyri - 100 km
Reykjavík - 300 km
Highland routes Sprengisandur and Kjölur - 30 km
The road between Varmahlíð and Lýtingsstaðir is completely paved

The animals

We have around 100 horses on the farm and about the same amount of sheep.
Our two Icelandic sheep dogs Reykjavalla Íslands Sómi and Huldudals Hraundís help out with the work around the horses and sheep, welcome guests and keep their presence in the office (keeping the office managers feet warm during the winter time).